Our weaves are comprised of carefully chosen yarns expertly woven on traditional Jacquard looms in East Anglia. The composition of the weaves allows them to be used for upholstery, drapery and fabric walling.

Cothay Stripe

The Cothay Stripe is a woven, vertical stripe that lends itself to upholstery due to its weight and composition. The combination of yarns have been chosen to create a textured weave with difference and contrast across the width.

Cothay Stripe Indigo

Indigo (GGC 2007/2)

Lawn (GGC 2007/3)

Lichen (GGC 2007/1)

Cothay Stripe Skye

Skye (GGC 2007/4)

Fez Weave

Fez Weave - Peacock

Woven to evoke the intricate geometry of traditional Moroccan embroidery, our most popular design has a large central medallion with a textured stripe either side. Suitable for upholstery and fabric walling.

Aegean (GGC 862/24)

Amethyst (GGC 862/12)

Campari (GGC 862/25)

NEW Fez Weave Caviar

Caviar (GGC 862/16)

Celery (GGC 862/6)

Fez Weave - Cognac

Cognac (GGC 862/18)

Fez Weave - Copper

Copper (GGC 862/9)

Fez Weave - Corn

Corn (GGC 862/8)

Emerald (GGC 862/22)

Garnet (GGC 862/20)


Gold (GGC 862/26)

Fez Weave - Indigo

Indigo (GGC 862/13)

Lichen (GGC 862/5)

Marine (GGC 862/21)

Midnight (GGC 862/23)

Moss (GGC 862/2)

Fez Weave - Parchment

Parchment (GGC 862/1)

NEW Fez Weave Peacock

Peacock (GGC 862/15)

Fez Weave - Persimmon

Persimmon (GGC 862/4)

Fez Weave - Putty

Putty (GGC 862/7)

Fez - Sage

Sage (GGC 862/14)

Fez Weave - Sea Foam

Sea Foam (GGC 862/10)

Fez Weave - Thyme

Thyme (GGC 862/19)

Fez Weave - Vintage

Vintage (GGC 862/17)

Fez Weave - Walnut

Walnut (GGC 862/3)


A large-scale chevron running horizontally across the width – the same yarns and colours as the smaller scale Hintlesham. Suitable for upholstery and blinds.

Hendrix Cactus

Cactus (GGC 850/1)

Marine (GGC 850/3)

Hendrix - Tomato

Tomato (GGC 850/2)



A small scale zig-zag stripe, running horizontally – makes for a striking and robust upholstery fabric. Named after Hintlesham Hall in Suffolk where the original version of this design was found.

Hintlesham Cactus

Cactus (GGC 865/1)

Gold (GGC 865/4)

Marine (GGC 865/3)

Hintlesham - Tomato

Tomato (GGC 865/2)

Indus Weave

Indus Weave

Inspired by a motif found in the traditional Phulkari embroideries of the Sindh Valley, this fluid weave comes in a range of subtle colours and is suitable for upholstery.

Indus Weave Antique Gold

Antique Gold (GGC 1311/5)

Indus Weave Copper

Copper (GGC 1311/3)

Indus Weave Corsican Blue

Corsican Blue (GGC 1311/7)

Emerald (GGC 1311/8)

Honey (GGC 1311/10)

Indus Weave - Indigo

Indigo (GGC 1311/6)

Marine (GGC 1311/9)

Indus Weave - Moss

Moss (GGC 1311/2)

Indus Weave Sea Foam

Sea Foam (GGC 1311/1)

Javan Weave

Inspired by the wonderful patterns found in many original Indonesian hand weaves, this versatile new design is a cotton rich / flax blend and is supple enough to make great drapes as well as being suitable for upholstery.

Campari (GGC 1804/4)

Cognac (GGC 1804/3)

Corn (GGC 1804/2)

Indigo (GGC 1804/7)

Parchment (GGC 1804/1)

Peacock (GGC 1804/6)

Sea Foam (GGC 1804/5)

Kintbury Stripe

A historic Syrian ethnic weave, this is a striped blend of cotton, viscose flax and wool. Suitable for upholstery. Our new multi-coloured version is a striking addition to the collection.

Campari (GGC 1207/8)

Kintbury Stripe - Cinnabar

Cinnabar (GGC 1207/3)


Emerald (GGC 1207/7)

Kintbury Stripe - Garnet / Indigo

Garnet/Indigo (GGC 1207/6)

Kintbury Stripe - Indigo

Indigo (GGC 1207/2)

Kintbury Stripe - Thyme / Cognac

Thyme/Cognac (GGC 1207/5)


Louts Weave Full Width

A fantastic dual-toned geometric jacquard weave, the Lotus design is perfect for upholstery, blinds and curtains. Influenced by Indian Phulkari embroideries and complementing the existing Indus design in the Guy Goodfellow Collection, Lotus gives an alternative all-over geometric option for smart furniture, and distinctive window treatments.

Azure (GGC 1907/2)

Campari (GGC 1907/1)

Olive Sacking

A design inspired by a piece of fabric originally used for sacking to collect olives on the Mediterranean periphery. It is hand woven in India to achieve the loose, open weave and softness of the original document. The Olive Sacking is hugely versatile and perfect for relaxed upholstery, loose covers, lining, drapes and curtains.

Olive Sacking Celery

Celery (GGC 1204/6)

Cocoa (GGC 1204/2)

Olive Sacking Cognac

Cognac (GGC 1204/5)

Indigo (GGC 1204/4)

Peacock (GGC 1204/7)

Olive Sacking - Rosewood

Rosewood (GGC 1204/1)


Roussillon is one of our best selling weaves. The colour variation of the nine composite yarns used in this fabric create a beautifully subtle stripe texture. This go to upholstery fabric is the perfect coordinate with many of the designs within the collection.

Amethyst (GGC 1312/19)


Aqua (GGC 1312/21)

Roussillon - Corn

Corn (GGC 1312/2)

Corsican Blue

Corsican Blue (GGC 1312/18)

Garnet (GGC 1312/10)


Gold (GGC 1312/22)

Roussillon - Honey

Honey (GGC 1312/1)

Roussillon - Indigo

Indigo (GGC 1312/9)

Lichen (GGC 1312/17)

Marine (GGC 1312/11)

Roussillon - Moss

Moss (GGC 1312/8)

Oyster (GGC 1312/14)

Roussillon - Paprika

Paprika (GGC 1312/5)

Roussillon - Russet

Russet (GGC 1312/4)

Roussillon - Saffron

Saffron (GGC 1312/6)

Roussillon - Sea Foam

Sea Foam (GGC 1312/7)

Skye (GGC 1312/13)

Setterfield Stripe

A contemporary textured stripe inspired by the irregular ‘Crinkle Crankle’ stonework of East Anglia. The chenille wave captured within this smart horizontal stripe adds a wonderful feel to this design. The background weave has a subtle iridescence due to the two composite yarns, giving a differing intensity of colour depending on the drape of the fabric. Suitable for fenders, ottomans, head boards, sofas and armchairs.

Campari (GGC 1905/1)

Denim (GGC 1905/2)