All our fabrics are printed in the United Kingdom, using a variety of carefully chosen linen grounds woven in Belgium and Scotland. Many of the designs can be produced in your colour choice or on a white ground for a one-off fee.

African Weave

This striking panel was adapted from an African kente cloth, a traditional fabric made by stitching narrow woven strips together. Our design is digitally printed on lightweight linen, to capture with photographic detail the handsewn seams of the original. There are three stripes at the base and one at the top, and it can be printed to suit the exact dimensions of your windows.

African Weave - Indigo

Indigo (GGC 803/1)

Olive (GGC 803/2)

African Weave - Pewter

Pewter (GGC 803/5)

African Weave - Walnut

Walnut (GGC 803/3)

Fez Print

Inspired by our best selling weave, this highly detailed stripe is suitable for both drapes and upholstery. It is hand-printed with two screens on a yarn-dyed linen woven in Scotland, to create a subtle surface texture. Also available as a Wallpaper.

Cocoa (GGC 1501/1)

Cognac (GGC 1501/2)

Lichen (GGC 1501/7)

Paprika (GGC 1501/3)

Raspberry (GGC 1501/8)

Sea Foam (GGC 1501/4)


A delicate rondel design, re-worked from an eighteenth-century original and hand-printed on medium-weight linen. (To produce a semi-transparent effect, the white colourway is printed on a gossamer linen.) The motif is multi-directional and has a double stripe running down one selvedge – please note that further meterage may required if you are featuring the border in your design.

Florentine - Denim

Denim (GGC 845/6)

Florentine - Lichen

Lichen (GGC 845/3)

Florentine - Stone

Stone (GGC 845/2)

Florentine - White

White (GGC 1445/1)


Sixteen screens were required to capture the original hand-blocked delicacy of this large scale floral with its distinctive ribbed leaves. It is a two-across half-drop repeat, printed on a medium-weight linen, and is suitable for drapes and upholstery.

NEW Garsington Cognac

Cognac (GGC 1502/1)

NEW Garsington Rosewood

Rosewood (GGC 1502/2)

NEW Garsington Vintage

Vintage (GGC 1502/3)


Hand-printed on medium-weight linen, this elegant design was inspired by a pencil drawing done by eighteenth-century Huguenot silk weaver Anne Marie Garthwaite. The fabric can be used for drapes and upholstery. We have also enlarged the scale to make a stunning new Wallpaper.

Garnet (GGC 1303/4)

Gold (GGC 1303/5)

Lammertin - Lichen

Lichen (GGC 1303/2)

Vintage (GGC 1303/6)


A beautiful French blockprint from the early nineteenth century was the inspiration for this striped floral. Digitally printed on lightweight linen, it is suitable for drapes and blinds.

Mansewood - Vintage

Vintage (GGC 1202/1)

Persian Vine

Persian Vine Garnet

The Persian Vine was inspired by an antique tile image. The original, hand painted ceramic design featured a flower motif which was re-scaled and placed across the repeat carefully to enable a beautifully scaled, flowing print to be launched into our collection. Hand screen printed on 100% linen woven in Scotland, the Persian Vine is available in four colourways and can be printed in custom colours to suit specific project needs.

Garnet (GGC 2003/2)

Gold (GGC 2003/1)

Leaf (GGC 2003/4)

Olive (GGC 2003/3)

Piedmont (Five Stripe)

This beautiful three dimensional digital print is taken from an original hand embroidery. Custom orders can be printed in any position across the width, making it ideal for a curtain leading edge, or blinds of varying width.

Indigo (GGC 1909/1)

Marine (GGC 1909/2)

Piedmont Oyster

Oyster (GGC 1909/3)

Paprika (GGC 1909/4)

NEW Piedmont Print Russet

Russet (GGC 1909/5)

Sea Foam (GGC 1909/6)

Piedmont (Two Stripe)

This beautiful three dimensional digital print is taken from an original hand embroidery. Custom orders can be printed in any position across the width, making it ideal for a curtain leading edge, or blinds of varying width.

Indigo (GGC 1908/1)

Marine (GGC 1908/2)

Piedmont Oyster

Oyster (GGC 1908/3)

Paprika (GGC 1908/4)

NEW Piedmont Print Russet

Russet (GGC 1908/5)

Sea Foam (GGC 1908/6)

Pomegranate Print

This digitally printed version of our embroidery design has all the same detail but greater usability, and on 100% lightweight linen is suitable for drapes and blinds.

Pomegranate - Cactus

Cactus (GGC 1210/3)

Pomegranate - Raspberry

Raspberry (GGC 1210/4)

Pomegranate - Russet

Russet (GGC 1210/2)

Pomegranate - Sea Foam

Sea Foam (GGC 1210/1)

Remy Handprint

A modern update on a classic damask, this is a two-toned hand-printed design. The yarn-dyed linen ground is suitable for drapes and light upholstery, and great for fabric walling. It also looks beautiful if printed on white, or with a metallic line as a bespoke option.

Cocoa (GGC 1402/4)

Indigo (GGC 1402/3)

Moss (GGC 1402/2)

Persimmon (GGC 1402/5)

Raspberry (GGC 1402/7)

Sea Foam (GGC 1402/1)


A sophisticated stripe which is taken from another of our favourite Moroccan embroidery designs. Hand-printed on a sand-coloured semi-plain linen basecloth – this is super versatile and easy to coordinate. Suitable for drapes and upholstery. We can also print it to order on a white linen ground for a fresh and crisp appeal.

NEW Taza Corn

Corn (GGC 1503/2)

NEW Taza Honey

Honey (GGC 1503/1)

NEW Taza Indigo

Indigo (GGC 1503/6)

NEW Taza Moss

Moss (GGC 1503/5)

NEW Taza Persimmon

Persimmon (GGC 1503/3)

NEW Taza Sea Foam

Sea Foam (GGC 1503/4)